We Connect with the Outside World

We Connect with the Outside World is a research project that began during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on the phenomena of Google Street View tourism. Here I invite a series of guests to use Google Street View to travel to places that cannot be visited due to the global restrictions. It is a reflection on the “reality” that exists on the Internet. The project began with the endless anxiety and worry I felt during the period of isolation. When we are trapped indoors, we can still receive most information via the screen, and yet we still feel anxious and out of touch. The series of documentaries and drawings ask questions about what is real in the context of the internet and how can we adjust to the restrictions and new possibilities of living through the screens.


此项目于2021年展出于伦敦ugly duck。

In the first episode an illustrator and a photographer travel to Athens via Google Street View. During two days of virtual travel they discussed the potential for image creation within the platform, attempted to create drawings and photographic images as they would while physically travelling to the same city.
Duration: 06’22’’


The second episode records three friends using Google Street View to take a detailed, planned trip to Paris that is made impossible by the pandemic. This episode examines the process of travelling with friends online, the familiar relaxed atmosphere of the meeting exposes gaps in the possibilities of their on-screen experiences.
Duration: 06’46’’



The guests in the third episode are a couple, and unlike previous guests, they present a very positive attitude towards their virtual life together. The episode describes how Google Street View and other network communication platforms have shaped their close relationship while living in different continents.
Duration: 08’11’’