Photo credit to Luyao Shi


冯 舸

Ge Feng  is an illustrator and visual artist, currently working and living in Shanghai. Ge completed her BA in fashion design from Beijing institute of fashion technology,then went to Royal college of art continue her study about visual art. Her work often starts from thinking about the conflict between the individual and the environment , which combines drawing, printmaking and moving images.

Feng Ge showed great enthusiasm for experimenting with different media and ways of expression. In previous practice, she actively explored the potential of her works to produce new things, trying to find harmony without reducing the complexity of different visual forms.

2021 Ambition Award finalist,  West Bund Dome Art Center,Shanghai
2021 Terminal, london
2021 World Wide Fund for Nature journey of water art exhibition ,shanghai
2019 Asia illustration fair ,Powerlong museum ,Shanghai
2018 Fragmentations, Untitled space, Shanghai



2018上海无题空间, 留驻艺术家
2018  群展“碎片/裂片/残片” ,无题空间,上海
2019 参展第一届亚洲插画艺术节
2021 参展WWF世界自然基金会“水的旅程”
2021 群展TERMINAL,Ugly Duck, London
2021 入围ambition award,作品展出于西岸穹顶艺术中心