The Pier
consists of images of the pier taken on maximum sensitivity film. The shaking of the water and the lens creates a difference in each image. the three-minutes video will be played in a loop, with repeated flashes of black-and-white images constructed over an endless period of time.
There is an audio clip from Colonel Marquez's novel No One Write to the Colonel, in which we can hear the colonel is waiting for a letter on the quay. However, as the days passed and no letter arrived, life even became harder and harder.
The pier 由最大感光度胶片拍摄的码头图像组成。水面和镜头的晃动造成了每张图片的差异。三分多钟的原视频会循环播放,重复闪现的黑白图像构造漫长没有尽头的时间流逝。
音频部分是马尔克斯的小说《No One Write to the Colonel》中的片段,从这些对话中观众可以听出上校在码头等待一封信件。日子一天天过去,信件始终没有寄来,上校的日子也过得越来越艰难。

As an experimental images, the film was originally intended to explore a way to store time in sequence. The work describes a cycle of anticipation and disappointment. The process of watching the video is similar to waiting. As long as the visual and sound moving, the audience will always hold a little hope and wait for the turning point.