Plant Portraits

Author: Feng Ge
Designer: Feng Ge & Shi Luyao
Size: 21*27cm
Binding: single side printing book
Publishing:URBAN RATS

"Plant Portraits" collected Feng Ge's tree-themed paintings in the past two years.

This series of paintings started in the summer of 2020, when the daily life of the whole world was changed due to the epidemic. There is no academic and social interaction, but a lot of time to watch. Just watching, past and present.

When those grand narratives can't fill the holes in daily life, the small visual fragments can weave a net like vines. The tree outside the house, the tree in the photo, the tree that gave me shelter. I stared at them with interest, and this kind of watching went through a process from enthusiasm to calmness, gradually getting farther away from reality and closer to myself.